EDUC 762 Assessments in E-learning

Ice Breaker Post

For the initial exercise we were asked to take an online quiz to determine what part of the world we would like to live. This was a fun project and was a nice way to start learning about different types of assessments. The following was my results from the "quiz".
France is where you belong
"You are a romantic who enjoys strolling through cobblestone streets and markets. You are inspired by art and architecture, and thrive being surrounded by other artists and intellectuals. You enjoy the bustle of a city, but also love spending time in the warm countryside, sitting at a cafe, and having a glass of wine or coffee. Your soul is nourished by being in nature, and by having deep meaningful conversation about love, art, and the meaning of life."

I am glad to be here with all of you. My name is Ken Desautels and I am the technology director for a vocational school district in Massachusetts. I live about 40 miles west of Boston. I have been in education for twenty one years, eleven in the classroom and ten as an administrator. I also taught online for ten years as an adjunct faculty teaching media communication and web design course.

The PlayBuzz Quiz was an interesting online assessment. My country was France due to the nature of my answers. I would have to agree with that finding since my wife and I are at a point in life where we are looking to explore new places in a culturally rich setting. We are actually planning a trip to Ireland in June and I mentioned it would be nice to retire to a small village in southern France.

I do think your individual results will vary according during your own life span due to changing needs. As I was taking the quiz, my responses reflected my current desires in life. I could see myself providing different answers when I was younger although my interests have not changed all that much. This was a fun exercise and found it interesting. I look forward to meeting everyone during these next few weeks and hope we all learn many new techniques for assessing
- Ken Desautels

Life Long Learning

Video Courtesy of TED Talks: Adora Svitak


This course has a class Wiki page geared towards sharing thoughts, resources and classroom tools. The image to the right is a screenshot of the site listing student centered netiquette thoughts. This Wiki is intended to be an ongoing living document in this class.

Our Class Wiki Screenshot

teacher-centered vs. student-centered classroom

We were asked to review a web based reusable learning object that discussed student and teacher centered learning styles. The objective was to assess our own learning style and comment on whether the assessment accurately depicted our style of teaching.

The findings were accurate and I agree on the results. I was able to identify all but two of the responses correctly. Of the two I did not complete correctly, I feel they could go either way. "Assessment is used to monitor learning" can be applied to both student centered and teacher centered learning in my opinion.

Learning Object screenshot