Tip Sheet

"The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards."
--Anatole France

Tip Sheet Commentary

Collaboration is an important aspect of online learning. During the second week of this course, we were divided into smaller groups and were tasked with creating a “Tip Sheet” for a collaboration tool used in an online course. This Tip Sheet would be a collection of tips on the use of various items in the collaboration tool. Each group member selected one aspect to describe for their tip sheet. The final collection of all the tips for our selected collaboration tool will be posted on this page once completed. As a group we selected the Zoom collaboration tool (https://zoom.us/ ) to create tips on its use. I hope you find the completed set of tips useful and would welcome any comments.

Zoom Tip Sheet

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Notes On The Creation Process

As our group approached the final stage in this group project, we all sent our documents to Isabel who in turn formated the document to create consistency. After review, I tweeked a few minor issues for the group. I did make an ebook for the final document but opted to not move forward with the product due to assignment criteria.

The final stage in our tip sheet project has arrived. After meeting both synchronously and asynchronously, we all arrived at a concensus on who would cover each aspect of the Web 2.0 Tool Zoom. The one key factor that helped was our synchronous meetings were conducted using this tool. That allowed us to experiment with the various options available. Isabel offered to collect all our individual tip sheets and format them to present a consistent looking document. Our plan is to have everyone email their work by the end of this week which will allow time to format and distribute the final piece to us all. You can view my contribution PDF file for a more detailed experience.

After two weeks of meeting synchronously with conflicted schedules preventing everyone from attending, we opted to meet asynchronously via a single email thread. The main topic was to inform everyone on a final outline that each of us will work from to create our individual tip sheets. This form of communication worked and we all posted what our intended project would cover. Seeing each outline gave us a chance to add comments by replying to “all” in the email thread. From the posted responses, we all seem to be on track with the project. The email thread can be viewed here for a more detailed experience.

We met online for the second time Monday 11.6.17 and although we still did not have everyone meet as a group, everyone has joined the online session at some point. The meeting was short and to the point, as what was intended. I sent out an invitation to the group members along with a suggested topic. The goal was to have everyone select a topic for creating their tip sheet. Isabel offered to collect our final tip sheets and assemble them in one master document. This will make the project unified in appearance. Our goal was achieved and we are all moving forward with the project. You can view the recorded session for a more detailed experience.

Initial meeting 11.3.17
During our initial group meeting, one member was unable to join due to a conflict. We opted to record the session to allow distribution of the discussions during the meeting. Collectively we decided to use the Zoom.us site to analyze and select items to create a tip sheet for future use of this tool. During the initial discussion we were a bit uncertain of the specifics on the expectations of this project, however after getting clarification we are on the correct track to success in this exercise. We will be meeting again to decide what each group member will be concentrating on for the project and will move on from there. You can view the recorded session for a more detailed experience.