Personal Learning Environment

Personal Learning Environment Commentary

The Personal Learning Environment is an important part of growth as an educator. Having a community to share and learn from is similar to an online class where we learn from each other in the discussion threads.

Personal Learning Environment

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  • Linked In – Social Media site geared to connecting with professionals.
  • METAA – Massachusetts Educational Technology Administrators Association is a professional organization that hosts events and newsgroups to help educational administrators share and learn from each other.
  • Email correspondence – general email correspondence with peers.
  • Blogs – Various technology Blog sites to share thoughts and ideas relevant to my career.
  • Colleagues – Peer contacts who share and learn from each other on a daily basis.
  • Personal Web Site Resources – My personal web site that is a collection of my resources for current and future students.
  • MassCue Events – Massachusetts Computer User Educators is an organization that hosts events and trainings to help teachers share and learn from each other.
  • MAVA events – Massachusetts Vocational Administrators is an organization that hosts events and trainings to help educational administrators share and learn from each other.
  • Hosted Invites – these invitations include area schools and colleges that host events to share their expertise on educational topics.
  • Online Courses – The varied online courses I take as part of my professional development activities.

I regularly use tools such as LinkedIn, email, technology blogs, peers and my personal site resource to share and collect ideas about learning and technology for learning. Being a technology director for a school district, I enjoy learning new ways to effectively teach using technology tools. I created a web site to promote online learning tools and techniques and hope to use this as a base for future courses I will teach.

Areas that I am currently exploring are professional organizations that offer events and learning sessions. All of these organizations have open offers for presenters. I have not presented for any of these organizations but have attended many if not all hosted events to gain knowledge in my field. I also included online classes that I take. I gain so much from these classes and do wish to teach online again at some point.

One area that I have not utilized and hope to include are local colleges and university resources. There are hosted events at times for educators and committees to be a part of, such as the board of directors. I do have two peers who have ventured to be on these boards. I list this as an aspiration for the near future.