Teaching In An Online World


Staying up to date on current educational trends and teaching tools is important for any educator. This online course will review current web based tools to help teachers make their lessons more robust by including Web2.0 tools that foster Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. This online graduate level course is directed at both new and seasoned teachers who want to enhance their curriculum by introducing new technology tools into their classes. Through a series of projects and online lecture, you will demonstrate proficiency using Web2.0 tools in your lesson plans. The course will be conducted on the Canvas LMS environment. I will be available through synchronous communication at designated times (office hours) via Skype and asynchronous sessions through the course online chat section. I look forward to working with all of you.

What Will We Learn?

Course Introduction by Ken Desautels

Additional Resources

Syllabus at a glance:

Module One: The Digital Shift
Module Two: Classroom Management Tools
Module Three: Assessment Tools
Module Four: Social Media
Module Five: Collaboration Methods
Module Six: Use of Media in lessons
Module Seven: Web Research tools and Plagiarism
Module Eight: Online LMS Systems
Detailed Syllabus

What are Learning Guides?

I will provide Learning Guides for each module to better help you understand the module goals and expected learning outcomes. These guides provide a checklist that contains everything you need to do for any given module. They let you know what the readings are and what you can expect to accomplish at the end of a module.

Download Learning Guide Module 1
Download Learning Guide Module 2

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About The Course

Course Expectations:

You should plan on dedicating at least 10 hours per week to complete assigned readings, discussions and projects.
All reading material will be provided within each module. There is no assigned text however the in-module readings are required to gain a better understanding of the discussions and to complete the assigned work.
Weekly grades will be posted no later than three days past the close of the week. I am available during my posted office hours if you prefer a synchronous chat or you may opt to post in the course questions section. My role to help you succeed and gain a better understanding of the material. I look forward to working with all of you through the following weeks.

Target Students:

This online course is for educators teaching k-12 courses who wish to explore ways to create a hybrid environment for their course content. I will be teaching this course as a professional development opportunity for educators wishing to learn methods of creating hybrid or full online content for their students.

Course Delivery:

The delivery of the course would be all online. The online format is intended to demonstrate the effectiveness and online learning when designed and delivered effectively.

Anticipated Challenges:

This course is a graduate level professional development course that targets educators wishing to infuse their current curriculum with online resources making their course a hybrid environment or educators wishing to move to a total online environment. Online resources are not a new concept however the process may still be an illusive process. My goal in this course is to review best practices for creating and using online content to enhance the educators curriculum. Reviewing current trends and technologies in this course will help eliminate issues associated with working online.