First Week

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First Week Commentary

We have learned that the course preparation and the first weeks activities not only take the most effort as facilitators but are an important time for students. During this first week the tone of the course and expectations will be established. Making sure student participation is optimal will promote the community atmosphere that is needed for a successful course. The following are examples of what I would post during the critical time.

Initial Ice Breaker Prompt

Before we begin learning about Media Communications, let's take time to get to know each other. Along with posting your bio, describe specific terminology you find yourself using while communicating to others. One example might be the term for a water fountain. In some areas of the country people refer to this as a bubbler. What do you call it in your area? Can you think of other terms that vary by region?

My Ice Breaker Response

My name is Ken Desautels and I have been teaching instructional media, communication, animation, web design and desktop publishing courses since 1996. Outside of class, I am the technology director for a local school district which includes network and web administration. I have a Masters degree in education and maintain certifications in instructional technology and digital communications. My past work experience includes: Tech Support, Multi-Media Designer, Video Production Coordinator and Graphic Artist. My skills vary and I have seen many changes in these fields over the years. I love working with digital images and video. The web has become the premiere medium to deliver content for still and motion graphics. I think everyone agrees that communication over the web has changed the world. 

I have noticed many variations for water fountain. This may be called bubbler, water cooler or water fountain. Other variations I experienced were in the Northeast rubber bands are called elastics. What some call Hoagies, others call grinders and yet others call them subs. It is quite interesting to hear varied terminology for a similar item and this is all dependent on geography.

My Welcome Email

Welcome to Fundamentals of Media Communication [students name]! Class Starts Monday and I am glad that you are taking the opportunity to learn about media communication. When the course opens, feel free to start reading the initial announcements, syllabus and week one assignments. Please post the first assignment, our icebreaker, early in the week and no later than Wednesday. I understand that working online can be both challenging and demanding, and I encourage you to contact me in the help section or directly via email if you are experiencing difficulty. The preferred method of communication in this course is through the message boards by navigating to “ask the professor”. Posting in this manner will allow the entire class to see questions and responses to your questions which also may help someone else with a similar issue. The syllabus can be found in the Course Home section. The course home section also lists information on expected participation in the class, what I expect for commenting to other posts and additional resources to help you succeed in this course. This class covers some very interesting topics on media communication and how our society has evolved and adapted to technological change in media, or has media evolved due to societal changes? We will explore this topic and more in the coming weeks. I look forward to meeting all of you, see you online soon.