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Ken Desautels, M.Ed., CAGS, CTO

While teaching instructional media, animation, web design and desktop publishing courses both on ground and online since 1996, I had the opportunity to work with students from many different regions during this time. I completed my Master’s degree in education concentrating in curriculum and instructional technology in 2003 and acquired an advanced graduate certificate in digital media curriculum frameworks in 2006. I maintain certifications in vocational education administration, instructional technology and digital communications.

Currently I am the technology director for a vocational school district. Although my current position is technically oriented, part of this job is creating training content for staff in classroom technology. Encompassing my technical and educational skills in this manner has allowed me to maintain a classroom presence. 

My past work experience included, Tech Support, Multi-Media Designer, Video Production Coordinator and Graphic Artist. My skills vary and I have seen many changes in media communications and education over the years. The web has become the premiere medium to deliver content. I think everyone agrees that communication over the web has changed the world. 

eLearning Portfolio

I am pursuing an E-learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. The following course links bring you to dedicated areas specific to content demonstrating proficiency in the program of study.
EDUC 760 E-learning for Educators
EDUC-761 Creating Collaborative Communities in E-Learning
EDUC-762 Assessment in E-Learning
EDUC-763 Instructional Design for E-Learning
EDUC-764 E-Learning Practicum

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