How Will Learning Be Assessed?

I will provide formative feedback on all assigned work. This is an important step to helping the student gain confidence in learning the subject matter. This formative feedback will include directed comments in the discussion board on all projects aimed at assessing student understanding of the material. Being an online course can be difficult. The feeling of isolation from the absence of a traditional classroom makes frequent feedback an important element to include when considering facilitating an online class. Formative feedback can be in the form of specific comments on submitted work, comments in the discussion board or feedback on a weekly basis posted in the gradebook. When considering the feedback in the gradebook, I usually provide this feedback as a general comment for the student’s overall progress.

Can I See An Example Project And Assessment?

The following project will be assigned folowing readings and discussion on the topic of Social Media and it effects in the classroom.

Social Media

Social media was once seen as a distraction and not associated with learning. Many schools have adopted social media as part of the learning process while others have banned student devices. With the readings and your own research in mind, complete the following assignment.


  • Learning Objective
  • After reading the article on Media Gatekeeping, the student will create a PowerPoint presentation on the impact social media has, if any, on the traditional media outlets and the Gatekeeping process by achieving at least 80% in the rubric.

    • You will research Media Gatekeeping using the readings as a guide prior to completing the modules assigned activity.
    • You will create a PowerPoint presentation on the impact social media has, if any, on the traditional media outlets and the Gatekeeping process by successfully completing the assignment by the assigned due date.
  • Specifics
  • The Gatekeeping process as a concept has not changed however social media has changed this process. How have you seen social media impact your own students when it comes to learning about current events? Create a PowerPoint presentation on how the Gatekeeping process, or lack thereof, is affected by social media and how your students view news.


  • Should cell phones be allowed in school - Are cellphones in school a distraction or a welcomed tool to enhance the learning experience?
  • France Bans cell phones in school - France's education chief says that when students go back to school next fall, all mobile phone use will be banned in schools for students roughly 15 and younger.
  • The end of the traditional gatekeeper - This study identifies salient issues of news outlets and conducts rank order correlations between the agenda of traditional media offline and the agenda of the ‘most popular’ articles (MPAs) from news outlets online.
  • Digital Gatekeeping: This article describes the function and effect of this new generation of gatekeepers and discusses the influence of various forces.
  • How social media is reshaping news - How do social media users discover news? Facebook is an important source of website referrals for many news outlets, but the users who arrive via Facebook spend far less time and consume far fewer pages than those who arrive directly.
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